Certified Organic skin and body care.
Anàbasi is a line of cosmetic products characterized by the presence of natural active ingredients of high efficacy and high quality from certifed organic farming. We believe that the search for more effective active ingredients and raw materials as well, are both the basis for the sustained evolution of the line. We use, in the formulation, natural products like Virgin Integral Aloe Vera Gel, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Bee wax and propolis, Baobab Oil, Argan Oil, Aqueous Peppermint, herbal extracts of Helichrysum and Mallow, Water and Oil Rice, Jojoba Oil, Red Maple Syrup, Sicilian orange and other certified ingredients . Through a regular use of Anabasis products even better results are obtained up to touch levels of excellence.

Hypoallergenic treatments
Organic Active Principles with high efficacy
High quality selected perfumes and natural aromas
Bio-degradable ingredients produced by 100% renewables sources
Finished products and raw materials are not tested on animals
NO sulphates, silicons, parabens, petroleum derivates

BIO TONIC Snail Extract skin care and toiletries
Snail cream may sound like some crazy new invention from modern science, but it actually traces its origins back to ancient Greece. Hippocrates would reportedly crush snails into sour milk and prescribe it to cure inflammation. Snail cream was actually “rediscovered” in Chile just a few decades ago. France sources many of its snails from Chile (for escargot). The Chilean farmers who harvested the snails began to notice that the skin on their hands was visibly smoother. Eventually, researchers determined that it wasn’t crushed up snails causing these benefits: it was the slime secreted by the snails.

How Does Snail Cream Work?
Snail cream relies on the power of snail slime, which is the slime secreted by the snails when they’re agitated. It’s a thick fluid designed to protect the snail. In various studies, snail slime has been tested on cell cultures. In these cultures, the slime was observed to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen – two compounds which are vital for skin elasticity and firmness. To date, there have been no major clinical studies on snail slime’s effect on human skin. However, there’s a good reason: different snail slime has different concentrations of different compounds. Skin cream manufacturers actually keep their snail supplies a tightly guarded secret, as some snails are considered better than others. Surprisingly, beauty manufacturers don’t actually harm the snail during the extraction process: in many cases, they simply collect the mucin from live snails. The process is harmless and the snails live a (presumably) happy life.

Scientific examination of snail slime has identified certain active ingredients within the slime, including:
— Hyaluronic acid
— Glycoprotein
— Enzymes
— Antimicrobial and copper peptides
— Proteoglycans

Professional massage cream for slimming and cellulite treatments.
Massage body cream specific for fatty accumulation. The vegetable extracts from Hedera Helix and Fucus Vesiculosus prevent accumulation of watery fluid in the tissues and favor the draining of cellular debris during massage, while caffeine stimulates micro circulation. Jojoba and almonds oils leave the skin smooth and soft.
HOW TO USE: Spread a thin layer of cream on the part to be treated and massage for 5-10 mins. Heat sensation and skin redness show the action of the product. The skin redness is harmless and disappears in a short time according to individual skin sensitivity.