New theories, which refer to a concept that Jung in 1950 defined as 'synchronicity: a principle of acausal links', hypothesize that the universe has a Collective Consciousness in which everything is connected. Science confirms that we are all united in an entanglement that has always flowed and that communicates with us through synchronicity. This phenomenon represents the most shocking aspect ever discovered by today's quantum physics and seems to involve not only elementary particles, but also the macroscopic and psychic world. A single synchronic physical mechanism seems to unite all these phenomena where particles, matter and consciousness merge into a single holographic reality, making phenomena such as telepathy, teleportation, precognition, remote vision and psychokinesis explainable. Our psyche is not an abstract or illusory entity, but a collaborative entity in the creation of the universe, while our consciousness is born every hundredth of a second as a gravito-quantum collapse of the tubulins present in the microtubules of our brain.
Since no one today is able to demonstrate unequivocally or disprove these hypotheses, in this third volume of the trilogy, the author imagines that these phenomena have reason to exist in the reality of the cosmos and imagines their effects on the worlds and beings that inhabit them.
Space travels through the Gates is now a custom. One thousand and twenty-four Gates scattered throughout the universe allow humans to instantly reach planets even millions of light years away. The discovery on New Earth of a Great Gate, which allows to move in the time as well as in the space, opens up new horizons for the exploration of the cosmos. Admiral Gordon and his right hand Lucius, with the help of Giorgio Relli, who lives again after a century, within a bio-cybernetic unit, continue their search for the Incorporeal, the mysterious beings who created the Phoenix on Earth, centuries ago. Their goal is to find out what lies behind the last sentences that the Incorporeal have so enigmatically uttered before breaking any contacts with the Terrestrians: "We exist in all the times as we are outside of the time." Followed by: "The theological hypotheses that you have formulated over the centuries are all incorrect and far from the reality of the universe."
The team of scientists led by Dr. Weisman hypothesizes a super-time and sets out in search of this as a fifth dimension, while Gordon and his team go on a ‘hunt’ for God.