The quantum entanglement

    The Universe has a Collective Consciousness in which everything is connected. Science confirms that we are all united in an entanglement that has always flowed and that communicates with us through synchronicity.
The phenomenon of Entanglement represents the most shocking aspect ever discovered by today's quantum physics, and it seems to involve not only elementary particles, but also the macroscopic and psychic world. A single synchronic physical mechanism seems to unite all these phenomena, where particles, matter and consciousness merge into a single holographic reality, making phenomena such as telepathy, teleportation, precognition, remote vision and psychokinesis concrete and explainable.
Our psyche is not an abstract or illusory entity, but a collaborative entity in the creation of the Universe, while our consciousness is born every hundredth of a second as a gravito-quantum collapse of the tubulins present in the microtubules of our brain, after a state of synchronicity and absolute coherence until a mechanism originating in the quantum vacuum collapses the wave function that binds a billion microtubules in a state of "entanglement".
The discovery of synchronicity stems from Albert Einstein's embarrassment to accept quantum mechanics as a self-consistent theory, later demonstrated in the laboratory in 1982 by physicist Alain Aspect. Two particles that have previously interacted, once separated even at very great distances, really communicate with each other in an instantaneous way. It is enough that one of the two is measured, through a direct interaction between the observer and the observed, to instantly change the other as well. On the level of microscopic physics, the universe is able to communicate with itself, but it seems that consciousness also has many points in common with elementary particles. Today, large-scale experiments seem to demonstrate that these properties of non-localities are also possessed on a molecular scale by the DNA and genes that determine the morphogenesis and evolution of life in the cosmos.