The Phoenix is the organization with mysterious origins that has managed to unite the world under a single government. Thanks to the extraordinary technologies it has spread on the planet, all inhabitants can live together in peace and well-being. At this point the Phoenix begins the exploration of space. Commander Gordon meets on Upsilon B Andromedae, a colony of incorporeal beings from whom he learns that it was they who created the Phoenix on Earth a century earlier. Their mission is to make all species of the universe evolve and coexist in peace and well-being. They ask for the help of the Terrestrians to fight a cruel and merciless species that has a completely different vision from theirs. This Empire invades and conquers planets to exploit their resources and enslave their inhabitants. The Terrestrians fight them and force them to a peace imposed by force, becoming the dominant species in the universe. A senior member of the Phoenix Council wonders who these incorporeal beings are and who led them to accomplish this mission. Commander Gordon sets out in search of them and comes across extraordinary discoveries that will revolutionize all their knowledge of the universe. The help of a biological super-computer with an almost human behavior will be essential.