New pleasures in massaging
in a relaxing atmosphere

light on the wick to perfume the air
and dip your fingers in the melted butter to massage the body

let the aroma inebriate your senses

Beauty candle based on precious vegetable oils and butters rich in anti-oxydating ingredients. Leaves the skin soft protecting from damages due to ageing and external agents. Ideal for lips repair.

Active Principles
Precious vegetable oils and butters BIO 96%
eudermic compound
Tocopherols 1% anti-oxydant emollient
Anallergenic aromas
body & environmente perfuming

Butyrospermum parkii butter*, cera alba*, olea europaea fruit oil*, persea gratissima oil*, parfum, simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, tocopherols.
*from BIO cultures
Bio Organic Certified by BDiH

How to use:

- light the candle and let the butter melting down by the heating of the flame.

- blow out the flame and take a quantity of melted butter according to the part to be massaged.

- light again the candle to prepare the product for further massages to complete the treatment.

- you may leave the candle lit during the massage to perfume the air and create a relaxing environment.

The product may also be used cold by taking a small quantity and melt it down with your fingers and then massage it on the body until complete absorption.
Proudly made in Italy